The 30-Day BLOG ANYTHING Project

The-30-day-Blog-Anything-projectAs a result of being so long away from my blog (and I hope you’ve been too busy to notice) I’ve created a new blogging challenge.

The challenge is to blog every day for 30 days. But to make it easier, the daily blog post can be about anything at all.

As well as blogging for 30 days, my intention is to create a product – a book (and maybe something else too?) but not in 30 days. It may take a little longer than that but I will have the bare bones of it in 30 days.  I will share more in future posts as the book evolves and progresses.

Why blog for 30 days?

1. Because writing every day for 30 days means I won’t have time to over-think, over-edit, over-analyse and re-write every sentence.

My writing will be more raw and real.  This scares me, as well as excites me.

2. Because I want to take the pressure off myself around just blogging about my Book Progress.

And frankly, there has not been much progress.  I could find a million excuses, but let’s just say Life got busy and I needed a Break from The Book.

When I did force myself to go back to it, I edited too ruthlessly.  Now I worry that I’ve chopped out some of the good stuff.

Even whilst away from writing the book, I did not forget my protagonist and felt guilty leaving him to fend for himself.

Yet my hope is that the break was meant to be in some way and perhaps the plot, and my hero, needed a break too, a gestation period.

3. Because in the 30-day blogging project there is freedom, to blog about anything, not just Book Progress. And perhaps being able to write about anything will help highlight where my biggest, and truest, interests lie.

I noticed that although I hadn’t blogged for several months, or touched my book, I had written something, almost every day, in my journal.

That was when I thought:

“I wish my blog could be as free and easy and effortless as my journal. “

And that was when the idea for the 30-Day Blog Anything project popped into my mind.

Have you noticed how I switch between calling this a Project and calling it a Challenge? Project feels very different to Challenge, doesn’t it?

I prefer Project.

4. Because writing for 30 days is a great way to Build Blogging Muscle. Surely, if you can blog for 30 days solid, then blogging once a week or even once a month will be a doddle?

5. Because, last but not least, through blogging every day for 30 days, I’m hoping to attract more readers to my blog. This also scares and excites me.

I don’t know exactly what this blogging challenge will bring, or what will be gained by the end of it.   No doubt I’ll learn a lot about blogging, and I’m intending that I’ll have a book, a product.

But more than that, I hope some of what I write resonates. I hope something I write will be interesting or helpful to someone in some way.

6. Because it’s much more fun to write with a reader in mind, than to write only for yourself.  A bit like standing alone on a mountain-top, seeing the beautiful view stretched out before you, yet wishing someone was there to share it with you.

But please don’t feel I’m begging you to come on this journey(!)  Whether, or whenever you have the time to pop by is perfectly fine, or not at all.

I know you’re busy, but hope you have lots of time for fun, laughter and playtime in that busy-ness too.

When is the 30-Day Blog Anything project starting?

The 30-day journey begins on 1 April and ends on 30 April.  Hop on or off any time.

Maybe you want to do a writing challenge of your own in April?  What better time than Spring to start a new project! Or maybe there’s something else you want to do for 30 days?

Share your creative projects

Please feel free to share links to your blog or Facebook page/group. Or just email me and let me know what’s going on for you.  I’d love that.

That’s all for now. But I’ll be back on 1 April my friend, with Day One of the 30-Day Blog Anything project.

Au revoir!

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