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Day 23: SoulCollage® I am one who …

Yesterday I mentioned the SoulCollage® exercise: “I am one who …” (IAOW). So I thought I would say a bit more about it today. The audio is a little info-incomplete, so I’ve written some directions below too! SoulCollage® is a … Continue reading

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SoulCollage® facilitator training – I’m in!

I just wanted to write a brief post to mark this momentous occasion …. I have now booked myself on to the SoulCollage® facilitator training in March 2014. The person giving the training is Linda Woolfson (www.collageyourlife.co.uk) and it’s being held … Continue reading

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Annual Spread for the year – and “Self-Collaged” Tarot!

Every year (for fun), I do an annual card spread for myself, selecting one Tarot card and, more recently, a SoulCollage® card, for each month of the coming year. It’s been fascinating to work with the energies and messages of the … Continue reading

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Sometimes “I Am The One …” is all you need …

I have just written a veeery looooong blog post –  that I have now scrapped (!) about this week’s SoulCollage(R) video reading. The reason I’ve scrapped it, is that I have just looked at my ‘I am the one who….’ statements … Continue reading

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