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Annual Spread for the year – and “Self-Collaged” Tarot!

Every year (for fun), I do an annual card spread for myself, selecting one Tarot card and, more recently, a SoulCollage® card, for each month of the coming year. It’s been fascinating to work with the energies and messages of the … Continue reading

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Sometimes “I Am The One …” is all you need …

I have just written a veeery looooong blog post –  that I have now scrapped (!) about this week’s SoulCollage(R) video reading. The reason I’ve scrapped it, is that I have just looked at my ‘I am the one who….’ statements … Continue reading

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Be Your Own Oracle 2: Divination with random objects from around your home!

Big Question(!) “How Can I Live My Life’s Purpose?” I posted this on You Tube last week but forgot to post it here!  Sorry about that. It’s nearly time for the reading for the coming week – and I’ll be … Continue reading

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The Joy is in the Journey (and the fun is in the play!)

The first card that I wanted to talk about was the card of the ‘autumn scene’:  the little boy is pulling the adult to “Come on!  Come and have fun!” This reminds me of my lovely afternoon this week with … Continue reading

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