SoulCollage(r) Reading for week beginning Sunday 5 August 2012

On the morning of the reading I was not feeling particularly ‘peaceful’.  Someone I care about was stressed and I was becoming agitated too.  I thought I’d calmed myself sufficiently before choosing the cards for this week’s reading – but was amused to see the first card – and that my eyes were drawn immediately to the Dove of Peace featured on the card!

The first card spoke to me of remaining calm and balanced in one’s own peaceful ‘centre’, no matter what is going on around us.  (If we are human, this is not always easy!)

SoulCollage(r) 'Soul Retrieval' card: Council suit

SoulCollage(r) ‘Soul Retrieval’ card: Council suit

It also reminded that those ones ‘in the mirk and the mire’ are being looked after by ‘higher energies’ so not to worry too much if we can’t seem to help them as much as we would wish, and also, not to get drawn into the mirk and the mire ourselves!


The second card is about feeling under pressure, (perhaps feeling overwhelm) and that we don’t have enough time, or we are ‘being too slow’.

I thought I’d called the chap pointing at his watch Timmy TimeKeeper, but actually I discovered I’d called him Terrence TaskMaster!  (I realise now, the name ‘task master’ could have not  just a negative connotation, but also a positive slant, i.e. ‘a Master of Tasks’!)

SoulCollage(r) card: Terrence Taskmaster

SoulCollage(r) card: Terrence TaskMaster: Council/Committee Suit

Terrence TaskMaster shouts at us “Come on, come on!  Time is money!  What are you DOing!   Hurry, hurry!”

The Hand of Love reminds us to stop, and to BE,  to pause, and consider, and to ask ourselves:

“Am I doing what I love?”

The compass tells us to  ‘follow our heart’ and make sure we are going in the direction we want –  not being rushed, or pressured down a path that isn’t right for us.

The wily, wise fox knows how to master time, and knows what is important and what is not.

Ms Cut the Crap, with her big shears, helps us cut out the unnecessary.  This woman means business and she won’t take any nonsense (or bullying) from Terrence Taskmaster!

The third and final card shows the Eagle of Freedom, wings outstretched, drifting effortlessly on the thermals, being ‘carried’ by the winds beneath his or her open wings.

The Eagle of Freedom reminds us to step out of the drama, the rush and tear, and constant hurrying.  Eagle rises above to see the bigger picture, the higher perspective, and then can act from there.  This card also reminds us it’s okay to stop sometimes, to ‘coast’ for a bit, and let ourselves be ‘carried’ on the winds.

SoulCollage(r) card: Freedom Eagle

SoulCollage(r) card: Freedom Eagle, Winds of the ‘East’: The Council Suit

Personally, I have found that when things gets too overwhelming and I don’t know what to do, or how it’s all going to fall into place, I do nothing.  I may go down to my allotment garden and just potter or dig in the dirt.   I know through ‘stopping’ and stepping back, the next step will then appear.   It’ll all suddenly seem easier and things will start to make sense and fall into place.  I know this, because I’ve done it – and it always works for me!

I hope this reading has been meaningful to you too, in some way, and I wish you a beautiful week.

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