SoulCollage(R) Reading for week beginning Sunday 12 August 2012


Alberto & Linda

SoulCollage(r) card: Respected Teachers: Alberto & Linda (Community Suit)

The first card features two of my teachers, both of whom I deeply respect – Alberto Villoldo, and Linda Fitch.

Through their teachings and training in the use of (powerful) healing processes, I healed a lot of ‘stuff’.  It was very challenging at times but there was also a lot of laughter!

Through these  teachings … and not forgetting, through the work I did throughout my training with my fellow students, (and outside of the training, through all my ‘relationships’!) … I felt like a different person – transformed – just like a butterfly!  And I saw many others transform before my eyes.  It was magical.

Tiger SoulCollage(R) card

SoulCollage(R) card: Tiger (Companions Suit)

The second card was Tiger.  At first I wasn’t sure what ‘suit’ he was from – and that happens sometimes!  You can start with a card in one suit or ‘category’  and then, over time, you find it has taken on a different meaning, and you want to put it in another suit altogether.

It’s not so much that the card has changed, but that you have!

Tiger here has gentle eyes, and looks very peaceful in himself.  Tiger knows when to relax and chill out.  He knows when to bask in the sun, and when to sit in the shade.

Tiger reminds us that our energies ebb and flow like the tide or the seasons.  If we are balanced in our own energy (illustrated by Tiger’s gentle and  peaceful demeanor in the card) then we can tune in to this ebb and flow.  We will ‘just know’ the right time to move, and the right time to rest.

Yet Tiger also knows when it is time to spring into action.  He is very good at providing for himself.   (Right now, in this card, Tiger looks pretty content and satiated).  When he is ‘hungry’ he knows how to seek out his ‘prey’.    Once ‘filled’ he relaxes once more, and rests – until the next exertion of energy.

Tiger is a Big Cat, so he has no real predators or enemies (except perhaps humans).  In his ‘jungle world’ like another ‘big cat’ the lion, he is king of the jungle.

Mesa/tools Council Suit

SoulCollage(R) card: Mesa-tools (Council suit)

The third and final card features my ‘mesa’ (a bundle of tools used in my energy healing work).

The card also shows a dowsing crystal, another of my tools, and depicts a shaman.  I was drawn in this reading to the wolf image on the card, representing ‘teacher’.

There is a  huge blue Butterfly of Transformation in the card.

This reminded me of how my teachers have helped me transform my life.  Through their work, and  through the use of their tools and processes, they have assisted me on my own journey of healing and self-discovery.

That then reminded me that I too have ‘powerful tools’ that I have learned, and that I can use – including  SoulCollage(R).   This week I worked with a client in a new way using SoulCollage(R) and was amazed at how this ‘tool’  helped in shifting energies, gaining deeper insights – and creating clarity.  It was like lifting the veils of the ‘obvious’ and ‘everyday’ view we have of our reality, and uncovering a whole new reality and perspective!

 Summing up!

In summary,  the cards speak of the teachers we have studied with who we respect and appreciate.  These ‘teachers’  shared tools and teachings with us that assisted us in our own personal ‘healing’ and growth.      Through this learning, healing and growth, WE now have the ‘tools and the teachings’ to share with, and assist, others.

We can honour our teachers, but we too are the teachers.    And, dearest Tiger, sits in the centre of the reading reminding us that we already have everything we need to do our work and to assist others.  We have all the resources we need, right now.

Tiger reminds us that when we are in that place of peace (balanced, calm, centred, aligned) then we are fully open to our inner knowing, instinct, intuition.  We then know when to act, and when to rest.

We know when to bask, or ‘be’,  in the sun or the shade.  What this suggests to me is our knowing when to step out into the spotlight  and get out there in the world (sun), and when to retreat, recoup, and recharge (shade).

The reminder for the week ahead is that we have all the tools we need right here ‘on our table’.  (‘Mesa’ also means ‘table’).

Have a wonderful week on your beautiful Journey of Transformation dear Butterfly!

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  1. Kelly Martin says:

    You have such a lovely voice Claire, this is an interesting way of doing readings, I never knew you did readings. I love the visual aspect, very appealing to me.

    Keep up the good work !

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