SoulCollage(R) reading 19-25 August 2012

The first card of this week’s reading features a card that is ‘an old friend’ … it was one of the first SoulCollage(r) cards I ever made.  It’s my ‘not good enough’ or ‘feeling wrong’ card.

out of the vortex

SoulCollage(r) card: “Silent One” (out of the vortex) Committee suit

Whether you feel bad because you think you are wrong, or whether you feel bad because others think you are wrong, this is basically a card of someone who feels like cr*p!

The children in this card feel judged, and misunderstood. They want to hide away, they feel shame.  They think that others judge them and think a certain way about them.

But usually with this card, the fears are unfounded and people don’t think about you in the way you imagine. With this card, you have heaped the judgement on your own self, torturing yourself by thinking the worst, instead of reassuring yourself by thinking the best.

The little purple swirly thing in the background is a reminder of ‘The Vortex’ (as in Abraham-Hicks).  When we are ‘in The Vortex’, we don’t have fears about what others think of us.  When we are in the vortex, if others do think badly of us, we don’t care!  We don’t care because we know we are okay – and we know they are okay too.  We forgive others easily and we forgive our self too.

One of the girls in the first card is holding up a sign.  She is asking for help.   The angel in the third card reminds us that we are always being looked after.  Help is always available. However, we may not see it until we are back ‘in the vortex’ (feeling better).

When you are ‘in the vortex’ you feel happy, confident, clear, and all is well with the world.  When you are ‘out of the vortex’ you feel scared, unsure, and basically, rotten!

But perhaps you really have done something you regret, and feel you were ‘in the wrong’? This card tells you to stop beating yourself up and get over it.  Learn from the experience and move on.

This card is about self forgiveness and recognising  that sometimes we ‘get it wrong’ or do things we regret.  Sometimes we are misjudged by others, but our harshest judge is often our self.

The Purple Swirly reminds you to get back in the vortex where you belong!

Mesa/tools Council Suit

SoulCollage(R) card: Mesa-tools (Council suit)

The second card refers to ‘powerful tools’ that are available to us, that we can use in our lives and in our work.  Tools that are helpful both to ourselves and that we can share with others.  ‘Tools’ that spring immediately to my mind are the process of SoulCollage(r) itself, and also various Abraham-Hicks processes, including the ‘focus wheel’.  (The focus wheel process is outlined in Esther & Jerry Hicks’ book ‘Ask and It Is Given’.)

I made the first card at a time when I was myself ‘out of the vortex’.  As soon as I made the card I felt better.

Personally, I have found that when I make a card to ‘honour’, or at least acknowledge, what I see as a negative trait or personality part, my energy shifts immediately.

Sometimes this happens as soon as the card is created, and certainly, once I’ve dialogued with it and ‘heard it’ and its message, I feel lighter.  I understand its purpose and ‘positive intention’ for me and its reason for being in my life.

I find the SoulCollage(r) process a very healing one.  As we work with the Language of the Soul, through images, poetry and metaphor (rather than mere words) we are more easily able to communicate with and  hear our soul speaking to us.    Our soul speaks to us lovingly and gives us (through images, and the ‘poetry’ of the “I am the one…. ” exercise) the insights and Truth we seek.

This second card also speaks of ‘energetic’ processes for transformation.  We have many powerful tools and energetic processes we can use to make ourselves feel better – chiefly, our own mind and our own perceptions.


SoulCollage(r) 'Fear' card

SoulCollage(r) card: ‘Fear’ (Council suit)

The third and final card is my ‘Fear’ card.  The hazy mountains and hazy field of lavender remind us that when we are fearful we do not see the world clearly.

Love overrides fear.  The key in the heart reminds us to not close ourselves down in fear, but to open our heart and love, love, love (including our self).  Because Love is who we really are, and nothing less will do for us.

So to summarise, I think this week’s reading is about being easy on our self and on others.   We can notice when we feel like cr*p and ‘get back in the vortex’, using all the tools we know how to use – including our own mind, and we can always move back to the Love – and who we really are.

We are Love.

We are enough.

We are LOVE!

Have a LOVE-ly week




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