Day 22: Septimus and Gran

My Hero

Yesterday I shared that Septimus is the hero’s name in the fiction book I’m writing – Sep for short.  I also shared that the book’s working title is Septimus and Gran.

Originally it was called Septimus’s Gran – but that really did not trip off the tongue.

What’s the genre of your story?


It’s based on real life – so, contemporary, fact-based fiction, with a metaphysical twist.

Who is the book for? – what readers are you aiming towards?

Do we ever really know? Exactly who will want to read it is a mystery, but I can feel them. Almost, as though I know my readers already, in my heart.

Initially I thought I was writing a children’s book. But I now realise it’s not that.  It’s more Adult/Young Adult. But not any old adult/young adult.

As Sep says in his letter to the reader:

“. . . another thing is, you probably won’t want to share this book with everyone you know. 

Mainly because everyone won’t understand.  If you do tell them, they may say you’re crazy, or weird.  Just like they told me. 

But I’m not.”

What’s the story about?

I’ve tried pretty hard to nail the back-cover blurb, in the same way you try to nail an elevator pitch.

I realise a brief summary, just a sentence or two is needed. And I have written a blurb – but is it right yet? I’m still not sure.

When I’m trying to explain the book – to anyone who asks me – I can tell if I haven’t got my elevator pitch quite right yet – when their eyes glaze over.

Septimus and Gran

But there is a tool I have used in the writing of this book.  I think it’s a tool I developed or learned through doing SoulCollage work using the ‘I am one who…’ process.

In the same way that I become, or speak from, the image in one of my SoulCollage cards, I can also ask my book’s hero questions and let him answer.

After all, Sep is the author of the book, the teller of the story.  So I thought I would let Sep himself tell me what his book is about.

So I made an audio, but I’m not ready to share it yet.  I was going to.  But asked a trusted friend’s advice who frankly thought it was too weird for most people.

My book is not aimed toward ‘most people.’

In the audio I ask Sep the question:  Septimus, what’s the book about?  I then answer from his point of view.

Of course, it’s all coming from my mouth with my voice, but I’m acting the role – I have to play the part. In this case, the part of Sep, the young boy.

Doing this kind of exercise is fun and often surprising.  Usually I do it through writing.  I ask Sep a question, pause, and then write the answer I get.

But sometimes I create an audio – and it’s a little weird to hear this process on audio.  Especially when I am more or less channelling this 12 or 13 year old boy!

Maybe I’ll share the audio in the future?  I hope I have the courage.

Sending much love to you today, and I’m so happy to have finally shared Septimus with you.


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