NaNoWriMo Progress (or not)

I signed up to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the first time this November.  The aim of NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000 word novel – in one month – November.  I’ve been meaning to do it for years and I decided this is the year!


Thankfully I have already started my novel and currently have 40,000 words.  I’m aiming for 80,000 so I should be able to reach my 40,000 word target by the end of this month.


A week before the NaNoWriMo start date of 1 November, I received something I needed to focus on, pretty much exclusively, as a matter of priority.  It took me two solid weeks to complete.  I really could not get my head around anything else – or risk my brain exploding.

But I am not going to let this be a set-back.  I can catch up.

So this (8 November) is my first NaNoWriMo writing day.  So far I have written 1852 words, which means I have another 38,148 words to write by 30 November.  If I write every day (including today) then that’s around 1659 words per day.

I can do it!

“What’s the book about Claire?”

Other than saying it’s ‘fact-based fiction’ I have been reluctant to say too much about my book until I am ready to publish.  That’s not counting my enthusiastic gushing to a handful of friends – who asked me about it.   (You fools!)

Am I alone in this worry about revealing my book before it’s finished?

Do other writers & authors think that someone will pinch their book idea and somehow copy it?

And what if my book’s story evolves as I go and the initial idea morphs into something else?  But realistically, with 40,000 words already under my belt, I doubt it’ll morph too much.

Then, today, I received this video in my in-box from Nick Williams.  Now I feel a lot better about sharing more about my book.


So yes, I will share about my book-writing progress here on my blog.

But I shall be sharing a lot more about the book itself  with those on my email list.

My own reaction to reading that might well be “Well stuff you then!  I’m not interested anyway!”

But if you are (even a teensy bit) interested in what I’m writing, do please sign up to the newsletter.  I’d really appreciate it for these reasons:

  1. You’ll be helping me – to be more ‘accountable’ and to stay committed to this first book project (so thank you, because doing things for the first time can be slightly scary!)
  2. You’ll get details of the book’s ‘story’ and how it is developing before anyone else.
  3. You’ll hear more of the ‘personal stuff’ (kind of ‘between you and me’) peaks-and-troughs-experience of writing my first book.  (Hopefully, mainly peaks please Universe).
  4. You’ll get the opportunity to read the completed book – for free!

Cheeky huh?  I think I am turning into my novel’s protagonist.  (That’s a teaser by the way) 😉

writing desk

A corner of my writing desk.
Spot the gold mini ‘book’ (bottom right!)

Lastly, do you think it’s a good idea to share ‘everything’ with my ‘newsletter peeps’ and just ‘some things’ on my blog?

Or should I share ‘everything’ on my blog?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this (email subscribers get the casting vote!)

Thanks for your ‘likes’ – and love.  🙂

Lots of Love to You.



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