NaNoClaireBear – I did it!

children-writingNaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – 30 days to write your novel) ended on 30 November.

I started Nano-ing a week late and ended a week early, but despite that, I now have a 69,267 word manuscript, so ‘Yay’ for ClaireBear!

Yes, I had a head start (of 40,000 words.)  Yes, I was initially aiming for 80,000 words. But 69,267 is pretty good too.  That’s a total of 29,267 (almost 30,000 😉 ) new words written in a fortnight. Ceeeeelebrate good times – come on!

Taking part in NaNoWriMo (even if only for two weeks of four) was great. Because it has shown me that I can write enough words for a novel in a short amount of time.

The NaNo’ team stress that it isn’t about writing the perfect manuscript during NaNoWriMo, it’s more about getting the words out onto the page.

Word-Count is King!  Editing and polishing the manuscript comes later.

And my task now is to edit.

I have a (growing) number of how-to books to help me with this.

But I think my greatest Editing will come, when I am editing whilst ‘in the vortex’ – as Abraham-Hicks would put it.

When you’re in the vortex, you feel … really good!

Clues that I am editing whilst in the vortex are:

Feeling exhilarated and alive
Being in the flow
Enjoying the process
Easily and instinctively, taking out and adding in words
Intuitively knowing what feels, and sounds … right!

This doesn’t mean I won’t get the manuscript edited by an editor.  I will.

Because I know that a professional editor will pick up on a stack of things I’ve missed. (But hopefully there won’t be too many ‘things’ in the stack.)

When I’m in the vortex I am in love with editing my manuscript.

LoveWritingI love spotting an ‘off’ sentence and putting it ‘right-on’.

I love seeing how the new words flow out onto the page with ease.

I love the speed my fingers type (all by themselves!)

And I love knowing when it’s time to stop editing, and go and do something else.


Writing is fun!  Editing is fun too.  But, writing is very solitary, and I am a natural born sharer.  So I’m enjoying sharing too.  I really appreciate your taking time to read my blog posts.  Thanks so much too for the Facebook ‘likes’.  Seeing your ‘likes’ makes me feel kind of ‘skippy’!

Huge Thanks to everyone who has signed up for ‘news’ and sharing via the newsletter – I love you!

GirlInBoatPlease feel free to comment below if you want to.  I have had lots (and lots) of ‘spammer comments’ – but not much else so far!

Maybe I should ask my Inner Being to comment in the meantime?  Yup. Great idea!  Then I won’t feel like I’m sailing the writing seas alone in my boat!

Lots of Love, Claire Bear 🙂




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7 Responses to NaNoClaireBear – I did it!

  1. InnerBeing:  I’m always here with you, guiding you and cheering you on. And I love you!

  2. kate says:

    Love this, so excited for you Claire Bear! Thanks for the update and the feel -good reminders!

    Clues that I am editing whilst in the vortex are:
    Feeling exhilarated and alive
    Being in the flow
    Enjoying the process
    Easily and instinctively, taking out and adding in words
    Intuitively knowing what feels, and sounds … right!

  3. Cindy says:

    Good to hear you are getting nearer Claire. I love reading your blogs; what you are up to etc. You are a natural writer. Do it.. xxx Publish it! xx

  4. Honey says:

    Yeay! That’s my Skippy! Well done, darling, that is such an achievement.

    I love reading your observations on what the process is for you.

    Write on! Right on!

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