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When you don’t quite feel The Part

  In the past I would go (on and on) along some path or other – usually work-related – where I did not quite ‘feel the part’. I thought it was a confidence thing.  Or perhaps I needed to develop … Continue reading

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I’m feeling happy this morning.  The birds are singing and it’s warm!  So why this post came to my mind I don’t know.  But there must be a reason … so here are my thoughts. What do you do, when … Continue reading

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The next Bowie or Beckham?

  Strangers when we meet I glanced out of the window the other morning and noticed a young lad on his way to school. He was maybe about 13 years old, with a trendy haircut, carrying a folder of papers … Continue reading

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Nurturing the Precious Eggs

I realised recently, I am a Nurturer: nurturing is my ‘thing’.  Babies, children, animals, plants, gardens, drowning bees, trapped flies, I love to help and care for them all. One thing with Nurturer-People is that they have to remember to … Continue reading

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