Day 28: A journal is different to a blog

candleEvery day, usually hours before the sun, or anyone else is up, I light a candle (at least one) and write in my journal.

Before dawn, the world is quiet.

My mind is clear, open and ready to receive new thoughts and ideas.

Writing in a personal journal is very different to writing a blog post.

A journal entry is the workings of an unedited mind, flitting from one subject to the next, like a butterfly.

Most people’s minds work in similar fashion, they just don’t always write it down.

Recently I came across a journal entry I’d written in early March 2017 (a typical example of butterfly-flitting.)

Reading the entry back, I realized there were several topics there that I could probably make into a number of blog posts.

I once said –  and still believe:

“Even if I write something really rubbish, it might inspire someone else to write something better . . .  so I can never really go wrong.”

Whatever anyone writes, is going to inspire someone in some way.

The person I voiced this too was surprised.  He called my thought a ‘positive-negative.’

But I truly believe something good always comes out of everything, even the seemingly bad-stuff.

As writers, all we need is a starting point.  Someone else’s blog post, a book, a conversation or comment.

Or our own, un-edited rantings or ramblings, can be molded into something of value.  Something that will hopefully become coherent and meaningful to the reader.

We’re all searching for resonance.  We all want to find our tribe.

Writers start with a draft post or manuscript.  We then edit that rough diamond (over and over) until we are happy – or happier – with it.

One thing I’ve learned is more is not best.

I wrote so much more in my original draft of this post. But I think you’d nod off or lose the will … if I’d included it.

So, I’m leaving it there.

Just to let you know, I spent all day writing this post and I’m still not happy with it.

It’s tiny.  It was about ten times the size and I chopped it.  Sometimes you can write too much. This is probably too little – not enough.

Gosh this 30 day blog post challenge has not been easy!

If I didn’t need to get a blog post out today I would not post this.

The Search Engine Optimisation tool I’m using is giving the green light and telling me:

Readability: Good

SEO: Good

Are you kidding me?!

Sometimes you can’t trust an App.




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