Day 25: Inspiring people, SARK

Day 25: Inspiring People- SARKSARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is the first artist and writer who put together her art and writing in a way that totally knocked my socks off.

In yesterday’s post I talked about Generous Sharers and SARK is probably the first, most original and unique Generous Sharer to inspire me.

I came across SARK’s book Inspiration Sandwich way back in the 90’s.  I had never seen anything like it before.

As the name Inspiration Sandwich suggests, I devoured that book.  It was as though SARK was speaking directly to me and I felt she had given me permission.  Permission to be creative, to write whatever I wanted to, to play with colour, to have fun and most of all to be myself.

Inspiration Sandwich was like a cross between a journal, a storybook (or book of stories), a self-help book, an art journal – and more.  Most of all it was exactly what it said it was: a source of inspiration.

SARK was doing what I wanted to do. Writing and getting published. Sharing her soul, her doodles, her life.

I LOVED that book – and loved this beautiful writer, artist and sharer who called herself SARK.

Day 25: Inspiring people - SARKLeaf through any of SARK’s books and it’s like entering a magical wonderland.   I love the ones that are covered in SARK’s own handwriting and doodles. Beautiful line drawings, or rainbow illustrations, all full of life, energy and fun.

When I first read Inspiration Sandwich I felt as though I was peeking into SARK’s personal journal and I probably was.

I knew, as I read, that I was getting more than just a peek into SARK’s life. I was getting her heart and soul. That’s what  generous sharers do so well.

I cannot physically hand you any of SARK’s magical books and, because of copyright, I cannot show you her colourful and beautiful images.  So I thought I’d share a video of her instead.

Here is Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy giving a TED Talk.  Thank you SARK for sharing  so much of yourself. You continue to inspire me.





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