I know the Power of Story (so I’m choosing how I tell it)

I know the Power of StoryI bumped into a friend and her lovely dog on my way back from the shops.

After the usual exchange of ‘How are you?’ etc. she asked:

“How’s the book going?”

I felt an inward groan and paused as my brain whirred, then gave a little laugh.

“Well … it isn’t finished yet!”

That is true at least.

But behind those words were all kinds of thoughts about ‘progress’ and ‘when it’s going to be finished’ and ‘how long it’s taking …’  and on and on and on.  Aaargh!

‘I know the Power of Story’ was another thought I had. (Which is the same as the Power of Belief.) And those icky-feeling thoughts behind my laugh and words, were not The Story I wanted to tell.

share good-feeling storiesSo instead, I talked about how I was beginning to connect with other writers online, and how I was enjoying that, and how it was helping to inspire and encourage me.

But the biggest encourager of me, is of course, myself.

The Story I tell to myself (and anyone else) is very important. If I am to finish the book and enjoy the process along the way I need to tell good-feeling stories.

So, the True Story is:

I’m doing really well.

I’m loving every step of the book-writing process.

Everything I need is coming to me, as I go along.

I’m noticing how this is happening:

One day I was wishing for writer friends I could connect with. The next moment here they are – connecting with me and having online conversations, like old friends.

I’m loving how the writing flows when it is ready to flow. I love that I didn’t even set out to ‘do a writing session’ yesterday and I effortlessly flowed more than 3,500 words onto the page.

I love how ‘connected’ and aligned I feel when I write. I love sharing my writing.

I love writing! This is the work for me. I’ve finally found something I love to do and I’m learning how to do it well.

It’s fun along the way and the Process is a Huge and Happy part of it.

Yes, the book is not finished yet – and I’m glad! I’m glad I am still enjoying the writing of it.

Yes, I’ll write other books, but for now, I’m enjoying this one!

I love creating. I love writing. (Did I tell you I love writing? 🙂 )

I love my book’s heroes. They are real to me. The book is real. I’m just slowly downloading it all, piece by piece by piece.

How is the book going?

It’s coming along nicely, thank you for asking.

And, like a baby takes time to mature and grow in the womb, and is birthed at the perfect time, so too, am I nurturing and loving my book, my baby.

I'm pregnant with my bookI love being pregnant with it. And I will enjoy holding it in my arms too!

Yes! The Book is alive! And it’s doing well, and I’m in Love with it, at this stage of its growth. Thank you so much for asking.


Soon I will post about the book itself, and I’ll introduce you to some of the book’s heroes, who I’m steadily getting to know, and progressively falling in love with.

Until then, have a wonderful day, full of good-feeling stories – that you tell to yourself – and to anyone else you might bump into along the way.


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