Day 24: Honest Sharers – Dare to Share

There is a kind of writing that I love.  I think it is my favourite kind of writing.  I’ve found it in blogs and in books.

Actually, it’s a special kind of sharing and it’s not just in written form.  Sometimes I’ve found it in YouTube videos and often in posts on Facebook.

Honest Sharing

It’s called Honest Sharing.  Honest and generous sharing of information or experience but also, of the sharer themselves.

There are so many people out there in Internet Land who are not afraid to be themselves and share what they know and think and feel.  Openly and honestly.

Day 24: Honest sharing - dare to shareIt doesn’t mean it’s always easy for them to share, but they do it.  Because . . . well it just seems right. It’s almost as if they can’t not do it.

My own natural instinct is to do the same.  To share openly, to express myself and treat everyone as a friend – or at least friendly.

I usually feel safe to share the real me and what I really think, feel – and love.

Being okay with criticism

I’ve probably shared things many others wouldn’t. And I’ve said things that have been misunderstood – or even publicly criticised by someone who doesn’t understand or know what I really meant.

But haven’t we all been misunderstood or criticised?  If we are sharing online then we must accept that others have their viewpoint too – and will voice it (about us if necessary!)

We can only do our best and hope we draw to us like-minded souls.  And even if some don’t agree with us or misunderstand what we intended to say, it’s okay.

It’s a fine line getting this sharing thing right. We know we are safe to share with family and friends who love and understand us and (often) agree with us, but publicly is a different matter.

Know yourself

Perhaps the key is to know yourself. If you think you’re okay, if you know you mean well and don’t deliberately set out to offend, then, if someone gets the wrong end of the stick or disagrees, it’s fine.

Because you know, you’re okay.

I have some strong beliefs and views that I know are totally opposite and maybe even offensive to huge swathes of communities and groups in the big wide world. I won’t express those views in the physical company of folks that I know would disagree.

Sharing online is different

But what about online? In just being me and saying what I think, there are people who could get pretty pissed off (even if I think I’m a nice person!)

When you share your thoughts and beliefs online or through books you’re putting your head above the parapet.    But hopefully those with opposing views will be standing beside a different parapet?

Share who you are

When you share yourself – feelings, personal experiences and beliefs that others think are odd or just plain crazy, you’ve got to be able deal with criticism.

Someone disagreeing with my beliefs is one thing.  But to criticise my writing – skill or style –  that would be another!  And they have. 🙂

Hopefully, the people who like what you like and think how you think, are the ones you will attract.  That’s my intention anyway.  That’s my belief.

honest sharing - dare to shareSo many brave authors send their books out into the world with hope and optimism.  They have done their best and they love what they have created.

What the reader really thinks

The author cannot see the readers of their book.  They cannot see if the reader is ranting about what they’ve written.  Neither can they know if they love or are inspired by what they have written. Apart from the reviews of course.

But I’m willing to bet that for every one, positive review, there are at least a hundred more people who loved, or were inspired by your book, but never told you.

Daring to Share seems to be a recurring topic for me and I don’t want you to think I’m paranoid about it!  Generally, if anything, I’m too chilled about it.

But in the books that I’m writing I am preparing to share a whole lot more.  So maybe that is what I am psyching myself up for, and why sharing is at the front of my mind.

Thanks to honest sharers

I’d like to shout from the rooftops and acknowledge all the generous – courageous – honest sharers.

Thank you for writing your posts and books.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Most of all, thank you for writing from your heart. You give me the courage to write from mine.

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