Day 29: The Story of the 30-Day Blog-Anything Project Part 1

The Story – Part One:

On Sunday 12 March 2017, I wrote in my journal:

Have been playing with some ideas around my blog and how I blog.  I am considering giving myself a 30 day challenge – not because I want a challenging struggle.  But because I want to do an experiment and see what works for me.

If I blog every day for 30 days and allow myself to blog about anything, then I might discover what really floats my boat, feel freer, and find my blogging peeps or PLMs (people like me.)

I do not need a huge crowd. I just want to connect with People Like Me who can resonate and identify with what I’m sharing – because it’s similar to what they are experiencing too.

That’s all. I don’t want much.  It will be very interesting to see what I discover about blogging and about openly sharing my daily thoughts.

One idea I had was to share what I’m writing in my journal. Not word for word, but the gist of it. I think that might work. I shouldn’t be stuck for ideas.

How wrong could I be?!

It was a great idea and it probably could work, but not under the pressure of a write-something-every-day-for-30-days blogging challenge.

But I went ahead with the 30-day challenge and we’re now nearly at the end, tomorrow is the final day. I’ve learned so much.  I could write a book.  Now there’s an idea.

Later that evening I wrote in my journal:

So, what if I took a different tack in my life for a while?  What if I just did what called me, whatever that was? What if I just played for a while – with writing and with art.

What if I did not need to sell anything, unless I made that a creative goal.

That could be fun. To create and sell – something.

To create and sell my first creative thing. And then the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh – and on and on.


And with that thought, the seed of an idea was born.  I wanted to create something to sell.  It might be a book or a course, but whatever I created, I did not want it to take years to create.

I’m still committed to writing the big book – Septimus and Gran.  But it’s going to take me some time to get that completed and just as I want it.  I need something out there sooner than that.

That very same day I also wrote in my journal about someone I found via Pinterest who inspired me.  She was an artist and writer and her name was Lisa Sonora Beam.

I saw that she had a free course but I did not sign up.  It was a 30-day journaling course.

I could do something like that,” I thought.

She had the free course and then a paid-for course, called the same thing, but with added video showing how to make journals.

I could offer a free course and a follow-up-paid-for course,” I thought.

I looked at her books in her online shop.  One book was comprised of clips and comments and illustrations from her journals.

I could do something like that,” I thought.

She had another book, The Creative Entrepreneur.

I need that book,” I thought.

So, I bought Lisa’s book but did not sign up for the free course – yet.

Neither did I buy her book Sketches – yet.  It sounds silly but I didn’t want to be influenced. Because what she’d done was similar to my own idea, I did not want her work to somehow influence mine.  Like a two-year old kid I wanted to do it all by myself!

But I ordered Lisa’s book The Creative Entrepreneur. This was a guidebook or instruction manual I definitely needed.

But whether I signed up for the free course or bought the other book or not, Lisa S. Beam had already inspired me.  To action.

Thinking that I could do something is one thing. Actually doing it is another.

I will tell you Part Two of this story tomorrow.  I will also reveal what the Freebie is going to be.

Lots of Love




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  1. jean says:

    I look forward to your last blog tomporrow.

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