Day 27: A blog post is a snapshot

Day 27: a blog post is a snapshotThe task today – and for this whole month, was to write a blog post every day.

And I need to get today’s post done by midnight.  It is now 10.45pm.

In the 30-Day Blog Anything project I gave myself free reign.  I could blog about anything.

Easy, I thought.  But I soon came to realise, that such a free and unlimited range of choice is far too wide.

Strange thing, but having an infinite choice of writing topics can make your mind go totally blank.

If you’re given a specific subject, you can write about it.

If you’re not give a specific subject, you have to think of one.

The responsibility to pick a good one is too great.  You freeze.

It’s okay, I tell myself, a blog post is just a snapshot.  Choose a snapshot – a teensy piece of your day or your life and just write about it.  You can write about anything, about anything in the world.

So here I am, sitting here, unable to choose what to write about.

It’s okay, I tell myself, in 30 days of blogging I’m allowed the odd blank moment.  I can even cheat if I want.  Write something short.  Post a pretty picture and an inspiring quote.  But that’s too easy.

All I can think of is to give you that snapshot.  Where I’m at, now, this moment, this blank-minded moment.

If we were chatting on the phone you might ask “Where are you? What are you doing?”

Well, I am sitting, very comfortably, in a living room that is not mine.  The central heating is on (unlike at my place) so it is cosy and warm.

Day 27: a blog post is a snapshotTonight, I am doggie sitting.  I’m in the company of two beautiful dogs, one on either side of me.  They are comfortable, relaxed and happy to be stroked, even in their snoozy half asleep state.

I have a fish pie in the oven and am drinking delicious wine – both generously left for me by the owners of these lovely dogs.

Father Brown is on the t.v.  I’m not watching it but can’t help listening with half an ear.

Now I am munching a selection of cheeses and some chocs, also kindly left for my enjoyment.  (No wonder I’m finding it difficult to write a blog post.)

But hey, this is life.  I love these dogs.  I love good food.  And I love writing about what I love.

This may not be the longest or best blog post in the world, but it is a snapshot of my life.

Gosh, it’s so much easier to write about my allotment (and it shows!)

But it’s Day 27 of 30 days of blogging and I hope for now, today’s post is good enough.

With luck, I’ll do better tomorrow.

11.00pm Oh gosh, I think I’m going to make my blog-by-midnight deadline today. Yay and phew.


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3 Responses to Day 27: A blog post is a snapshot

  1. Just to say – I did not start and finish this post in 15 minutes as the blog post suggests! Having pondered all day what to write, I started the draft around 4.30pm, writing several versions, many scrapped. Editing and re-writing took several hours.

    I finally finished the copy, wrote the cover letter, sourced the photos and posted to social networks just before midnight.

    Nope, writing the blog post definitely did not take just 15 minutes. The topping and tailing of the post did. Just thought you should know that 🙂

  2. Jean Powell says:

    That is fine Darling, you are so honest always was from a small child.

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