Day 10: Today a cartoon – That’s all folks!

I’ve drawn a cartoon to illustrate the story of today’s blogging journey.

The clock times are exaggerated for dramatic effect but the depicted emotions are almost accurate.

There are nine frames in all.

Cartoon - Claire Gillen

I sketched out the idea for the storyboard.  Then I tried to draw a neater, more anatomically correct version.

But the neater cartoon pictures felt flat and had less energy.  So I stuck with the original scribbles, inking over the pencil.

I had been trying to decide, for most of the day, what to blog about.

At 3pm and no further forward, I started to see the funny side.

“This would make a great cartoon.”

Cartoon - Claire Gillen

I’m not a cartoonist but I thought it would be fun to have a go.

After all, the intention was to blog about anything in any way – and that includes cartoons!

cartoon - Claire Gillen


So, whilst my cartoon certainly isn’t Looney Tunes quality, here it is anyway.

And for today . . . as Porky Pig  would say –

That’s All Folks!









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