Claire Gillen lives in Clapham Junction in South West London, England.  She is a writer, an artist and a SoulCollage® Facilitator.

Her friends call her ClaireBear.

Claire is currently enjoying writing her first book – and jotting down ideas for about twenty more in the process.

She has been writing since childhood and has kept a journal, almost daily, for over 40 years (yes she’s that old …)


ClaireBear: In 2004 Louise Hay published her book ‘I can do it’.

In the book she recommended Abraham-Hicks, describing them as one of the best teachers on the planet today.

Well, how could I not check that out?  And yes, Louise Hay was spot on.

Discovering Abraham’s books and recordings was a huge, positive turning point in my life.

I am now at another turning point – of owning that I have been a Writer all my life, but I just hadn’t shared my writing fully.

Now is the time to share.

So I’ll be sharing here, my journey as a Writer, and later, as an Author.  Yay!

As far as publishing is concerned I am not looking for an agent or a publisher.  But later, I will be looking for a  book-cover designer, beta readers and an editor.

Independent-All-My-Life Being that I am (not surprisingly) I decided to go down the Indie publishing route.  Musicians started the Indie Wave, and now Indie Authors are joining the party.

There’s an inspiring bunch of people already on this path and I’m excited to join them. I’ll be sharing who inspires me, what I’m learning and the progress I’m making with that First Book.

I  continue to adore the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, because remembering to live them makes my life so much easier and happier.  And I can’t find a better reason to keep going with Abe than that.

It was once my dream to be an Artist and a Writer.  It took me many years to realise I already was.

I also realised that we are all artists because we are all creators. So I decided a long time ago …

“Why not create a life I love?!”

Writing and creating my own books is part of that journey for me.

What’s your dream I wonder?  If you feel like sharing I’d love to hear.

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Thanks for dropping by today.  Hope to see you again soon!




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  1. Honey says:

    Beautiful woman, I love this site! Inspirational. You are simply amazing!
    Love, always, from Clarice xxx

  2. Jean Powell says:

    How proud I am to have you for my daughter Darling Claire, you were always special and still are. X

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